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So, the big question is, how does my services impact you, a legendary well known International brand, known for making your consumers pant and have butterflies in their stomach every time your brand is mentioned?? 

Well, simply put, having worked for and with legendary brands, I understand the constraints you face with regards to your creative design processes. Therefore, I am open to actively collaborate with you by relieving the following pain points you might be facing:

Flagship Store Design and Development

•  Concept Design: Creating unique, high-end design concepts that reflect the brand's identity, in full or part thereof or modifying specific areas based on your client profile.
•  Store Layout & Flow: Optimizing existing or new store layouts to enhance the customer journey experience to maximize product visibility, engagement & increase sales.
•  Material Selection: Provide high-quality materials that align with the luxury brand’s image and meet Sustainability quotas.

Visual Merchandising

•  Seasonal Displays: Designing and implementing seasonal and promotional instore displays for better storytelling and client engagement.
•  Product Displays: Providing creative and pragmatic display soltions to highlight your products instore or on a temporary setup.
•  Window Displays: Crafting eye-catching window displays that attract your high-end clientele.

Brand Experience Enhancement

•  In-Store Experience: Developing immersive in-store experiences, including lighting, sound, and scent design to name a few.
•  Customer Journey Mapping: Analyzing and optimizing the customer journey from exterior, entry to completing the purchasing process.

Digital Integration

•  Interactive Displays: Incorporating digital touchpoints like smart mirrors and interactive displays to have consumers learn more about your products or brand.
•  Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences: Creating AR experiences for product try-ons and virtual tours.

Store Renovations and Refurbishments

•  Rebranding: Helping luxury brands stay current by redesigning and updating existing stores.
•  Sustainable Design: Implementing eco-friendly design solutions to align with sustainability goals.

Project Management

•  Turnkey Solutions: Offering end-to-end project management from design concept to completion.
•  Supplier Management: Coordinating with high-end suppliers and contractors to ensure your project is completed with expected quality, within budget and timeline.

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