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So, the big question is, how does my services impact you, a Small or Medium brand, navigating the wide world of retail?
Well, simply put, having worked for, and with legendary luxury brands, I understand the constraints and challenges you might be facing with regards to your creative design processes. 

Thats why I collaborate with you, step by step, to relieve the following pain points you might be facing :

Retail Space Design

•  Creating unique design concepts, in part or full, that reflect your brand's identity based on your client profile.
•  Optimizing existing or potential store layouts to enhance the customer journey experience to maximize product visibility, engagement & increase sales.
•  Provide materials that align with your brands image the luxury brand’s image and meet Sustainability quotas.
•  Bespoke or Cost effective retail furniture solutions based on the size, image and style of your brand

Visual Merchandising

 Providing creative and pragmatic display solutions to highlight your products in store or on a temporary setup.
•  Designing and implementing seasonal and promotional instore displays for better storytelling and client engagement.
•  Crafting eye-catching window displays that attract your ideal clientele or to just create awareness for your brand versus your competitors 
•  Development of your brands display & visual guidelines and manuals to have a cohesive brand message across multiple operating point of sales

Technical Services

•  Able to provide, from concept to detailed, 2D technical drawings for your product design or shop space that any contractor can work with easily.
•  Provide 3D Render visualization service to bring your products and ideas to life on screen before making big spending decisions.

Event and Pop-up Store Planning

•  Design and execution of pop-up store concepts
•  Temporary event setup design
•  Customer engagement strategies

Sustainability Solutions

•  Suggest Eco-friendly materials that you can use in the design of your store and temporary units to reduce your costs or have peace of mind.
•  Review existing furniture so as to see how it can be ‘up-cycled’ to be used in different ways to help optimise your business spend and save the planet

Project Management

•  Offering sectioned solutions based on your budget and where you are as a business or full end-to-end management from design concept to completion to alleviate your day to day headaches.
•  Coordinating with suppliers and/or contractors to ensure your project is completed with expected quality, within budget and within timeline.

Supplier Sourcing

•  Able to provide a list of suitable conractors able to make your designs see life based on your specific budget and concept.
•  Bidding Process; Able to liaise with contractors in compiling cost comparison and comparing of their services offered saving you time and headache 

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